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HERMES Lead Article Quotes

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Secret Doctrine Quotes by HPB

and Concord Grove Press

All of the unique articles to the Theosophy Trust website – such as the Lead Articles by Raghavan Iyer, the Great Symbols Series by Helen Valborg, the Great Teachers Series by Elton A. Hall, the Mahatma Articles, and Stories and Allegories – were originally published in the journal HERMES between 1975-1989.

The original publisher of these articles – Concord Grove Press (CGP) – still has many copies of those monthly journals in their original covers for sale from their website. Interested students can order any of those back issues (that are still in stock) from CGP. Click on this link to go to the CGP website, where you will find ordering information for HERMES and their extensive publications list.

In addition, CGP has many marvelous books that were originally created under the watchful eye of Raghavan Iyer. These are very valuable publications to have for any serious student of the Wisdom Religion. CGP's extensive booklist is also available from their website, or by mail/phone from:

Concord Grove Press
1407 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 966-3942

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