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Light on the Path

No one who strives to tread the path is left unhelped; the Great Ones see his "light," and he is given what is needed for his better development. That light is not mere poetical imagery, but is actual, and its character denotes one's spiritual condition; there are no veils on that plane of seeing. The help must be of that nature which leaves perfect freedom of thought and action; otherwise, the lessons would not be learned. Mistakes will occur, perhaps many of them, but, as is said, "twenty failures are not irremediable if followed by as many undaunted struggles upward." The help will come for the most part in ordinary ways and from one or another of the companions with whom you were possibly connected in other lives, and whom your soul will recognize.
The Great White Lodge exists for the service of humanity; They need and welcome workers in the world. Is it strange, then, that the light of souls attracted toward the path of unselfishness should receive Their cognition, and when deserved - when needed such succor as Karma permits? They, Themselves, have written, "Ingratitude is not one of our vices"; and while we may not claim gratitude from Them, yet we may be sure that compassion absolute is there, and with it the understanding of the nature and needs of each aspirant.

Robert Crosbie
The Friendly Philosophy