Wisdom in Action

Essays on the Spiritual Life

  ISBN 978-0-979-3205-3-8

Authored by the Avatar

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The title of this book, Wisdom in Action, indicates the slightly different emphasis in this second volume of the Avatar's HERMES essays from the first volume, The Dawning of Wisdom. In truth, these jeweled essays in Buddhi Yoga could be gathered together into any number of configurations simply because the writings themselves are so multifaceted and universal in scope. As they embody Universal Good, so too they lend themselves to the purposes of the highest good under whatever name or form.

The constant, underlying theme of all these essays is the crucial need for unconditional devotion to Universal Good as a prerequisite for traveling on the spiritual Path. There is simply nothing else that can serve as a substitute for the highest of noble motives for living the spiritual life. But these writings also bear upon the crucial and thorny problem of translating theoria into praxis, and they shed a pristine light upon the obstacles and difficulties encountered by every aspirant who self-consciously chooses to tread the Path of Renunciation.

Each of the articles in this book will be found to contain priceless jewels of great philosophical insight and practical advice, and both are linked together at every point by one who long ago passed through and emerged victorious in "this glorious unsought fight which only fortune’s favored soldiers may obtain". All who come to these writings in the spirit of the true shravaka will find their deepest unasked questions illuminated by the light of the Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Wisdom, and answered with the oldest and most practical spiritual advice.

The Avatar earned first-class honors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, a doctorate in Philosophy, and then was selected to be an Oxford Don in philosophy and politics. He lectured throughout Europe and also in Africa, and his extensive writings have been published by Oxford University Press and Concord Grove Press. He also lectured for many years at the United Lodge of Theosophists in Santa Barbara, where he also founded the Institute of World Culture.

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