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"Taurus" - The First of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles
By Editor on Tuesday, April 20

This month, TT.ORG begins a new series of articles on the astological signs, with a new article appearing each month for the next 11 months. The first in this series - Taurus - was first published in Prof. Iyer's golden journal, HERMES, in May of 1977, and like the articles that will be published here, continued throughout the year. The author of these beautiful articles - Helen Valborg - displays her remarkable understanding of Theosophical metaphysics and how those themes were recorded and contained in countless ancient myths that continue to fertilize our imaginations. Prof. Iyer's superb editorial touch can also be discerned in these writings.
Professor Helen Valborg taught anthropology in California for 30 years at Ventura College and Feather River College, and has been especially engaged in long-term cultural studies in Greece and India. Professor Valborg's interest in cultural symbolism has recently been focused on petroglyph studies in The Great Basin. Her articles have been published in University of Nevada, Reno publications and the journal HERMES.

The first of these 12 remarkable articles can be found by clicking on the blue link below.


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