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"Cancer" - The Third of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles
By Editor on Monday, June 21

"Representing the relatively dark constellation of Cancer, the crab as a shrouded unknown entity which seizes or swallows but also guards the light that lies concealed behind it, is the emblem of the Mysteries. It is like the Sephira Malkuth, the Veil of Ain-Soph  who comes to earth as objectifying nature but who secretes in her bosom the highest divine truths. Like great Teachers who mirror her, she introduces the impress which provides the vehicle of spiritual growth and simultaneously ensures the death of all that is devoid of the living germ of spirit. For this reason the presence of such emissaries in the world is like a death-knell to effete institutions and causes. Their teachings only mirror that which points beyond form and they immediately reveal the lifeless character of mummified religious and social structures. The great lesson to be learned through the force of Cancer in the world is extended through namarupa, name and form, and serves to teach that the mask is false, the form is hollow, the show unreal."

Thus concludes "Cancer", the third of the HERMES Astological Symbols articles to be published on TT.ORG.

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