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"Virgo" - The Fifth of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles
By Editor on Monday, August 23

"As a symbol, Virgo has always been associated with the birth of a god or demi-god, a supreme expression of the dynamic consciousness of Divine Will. The ancients held that Mercury, the messenger of the gods, was created in this constellation. Hence Virgo was often depicted with a caduceus as well as wings. From the lap of the celestial virgin, he who interprets and mediates was thought to have sprung forth and begun his sacred task. He was called by the Gnostics logos spermatikos, 'the Word scattered throughout the universe', and was believed to contain an unlimited capacity for transformation and penetration. When she is cast down into the world and stripped of her purity and virtue, he becomes her bridegroom and restores the crown to her. By tracing the levels of these symbolical relationships, the cosmic mystery unfolds through the descending layers of the mother's garments, providing the archetypal pattern for all subsequent virgin-births."

Thus begins VIRGO, the fifth of the 12 HERMES essays on the astrological signs, written from the Theosophical perspective.

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