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April 7, 2017: Additional MAHATMA Articles have been uploaded to the library.
By Editor on Friday, April 7
We have uploaded IDEAS RULE THE WORLD, THE PLANETARY SPIRIT, THE RAJA-STAR, NATURE AND MAN, and THE SELF-IMPOSED TASK, all penned by Mahatma K.H. in the late 1880s. The last article is an especially potent essay that shocked the sensibilities of complacent Theosophists in the Theosophical Society of the day, and for good reason, as it illuminated with words of frank honesty the very strict requirements for actual chelaship:

  The Occult Science is not one, in which secrets can be communicated of a sudden, by a written or even verbal communication. If so, all the 'Brothers' should have to do, would be to publish a Hand-book of the art which might be taught in schools as grammar is. It is the common mistake of people that we willingly wrap ourselves and our powers in mystery - that we wish to keep our knowledge to ourselves, and of our own will refuse "wantonly and deliberately" to communicate it. The truth is that till the neophyte attains to the condition necessary for that degree of Illumination to which, and for which he is entitled and fitted, most if not all of the Secrets are incommunicable. The receptivity must be equal to the desire to instruct. The illumination must come from within. Till then no hocus pocus of incantations, or mummery of appliances, no metaphysical lectures or discussions, no self-imposed penance can give it.

Mahatma K.H.
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