Dedicates this Site
to the Memory of
Raghavan Iyer,
Servant of the Mahatmas
and a Teacher of Humanity

Sri Raghavan Iyer

March 10, 1930 - June 20, 1995
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The HERMES Writings of
Raghavan N. Iyer

(also edited by Sri Raghavan Iyer)

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January The Diamond Sutra
February The Allegory of the Cave
March Repentance and Karma
April The Message of the Buddha
May Metaphysics and Ethics
June The Lodge and the Sangha
July Matter and Consciousness
August The Tempest
September Truth
October Love
November The Inheritance of Humanity
November The Seventh Impulsion
December Death and Immortality - K. S. Lakshminarayan
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January The Self Actualizing Man
February The Soul of Tibet
March Meditation and Self-Study
April The Hermetic Method
May By Their Fruits
June Universality and Sectarianism
July The Community of the Future
August The Yoga Sutra
September Reincarnation and Silence
October Gods, Monads and Atoms
November The Golden Thread
December Karma and Choice
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January Jnana Yajna
February The Flute of Krishna
March Aquarian Therapy
April The Gospel According to St. John
May Mental Posture
June Relationship and Solitude
July The Candle of Vision
August The Crest Jewel
September Ceaseless Dissolution
October Continuity, Creativity and Choice
November Pythagoras and His School
December The Daimon
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January Insight and Energy
February The Joy of Devotion
March Creative Emanation
April The Nachiketas Fire
May Cognition and Freedom
June Thoughtfulness
July Polarity and Discrimination
August Drawing the Larger Circle
September Order In Chaos
October Anamnesis
November Choosing the Tao
December To Be And Not To Be
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January Knowledge and Negligence
February The Sense of Self
March Mirroring the Macrocosm
April The Mystery of the Ego
May Spiritual Attention
June Resonance and Responsibility
July The Hero In Man
August Spiritual Evolution
September The Language of the Gods
October Ascent and Descent
November The Pledge of Kwan-Yin
December The Gayatri Invocation
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January The Life-Giving Stream
February The Dawning of Wisdom
March Noetic Discrimination
April As Above, So Below
May Regeneration
June The Verbum
July Spiritual Will
August The Pilgrimage of Humanity
September The Light of the Logos
October The Descent of Manas
November Self-Emancipation
December Between Heaven and Earth
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January Self-Transformation
February Renunciation and Responsibility
March Self-Magnetization
April Evolution and Consciousness
May Levels of Manifestation
June Individuation and Initiation
July Karma and Destiny
August The Logos and Man
September The Fires of Creation
October Deliverance from Bondage
November Atma Vidya
December The Rebirth of Humanity
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January The Healing of Souls
February The Inmost Sanctuary
March The Vigil Night of Humanity
April Fire of Purgation
May Evolution and Karma
June Gestation and Growth
July The Eye of Shiva
August Karma and Transmutation
September The Aquarian Elixir
October Aquarian Spirituality
November Integration and Recurrence
December Involution
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January The Aquarian Tide
February Spiritual Wakefulness
March Enlightenment
April Continuity of Consciousness
May Resonance and Vibration
June Mahat, Manu and the Avatar
July Spectator and Participant
August Purity and Pollution
September The Scope of Self-Consciousness
October Aquarian Harmony
November Spiritual Progenitors
December Aquarian Civilization
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January Theurgy and Transmutation
February Consciousness and Existence
March Space and Self-Consciousness
April Manasadharma
May Sat and Sattva
June Jiva and Self-Generation
July Deity, Nature and Man
August Kriyashakti
September Spirit, Mind and Matter
October Spiritual Perception
November The Fire of Selfhood
December Cognition, Breath and Speech
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January Buddhi Yoga and Svadharma
February Myth and Redemption
March Light, Love and Hope
April Dhyana Marga
May The Mahamudra Of Voidness
June Wisdom In Action
July Gandhian Trusteeship In Theory and Practice: The Art of Renunciation
August Gandhian Trusteeship In Theory and Practice: Regeneration and Rebirth
September Gandhian Socialism: Isms and Individuals
October Gandhian Socialism: The Constructive Programme
November The Seven Deadly Sins - I. The Historical Context
December The Seven Deadly Sins - II. Sin and Violence
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January The Seven Deadly Sins - III. Non-Violence and Regeneration
February Zero Principle
March Transcendence and Transformation
April The Spectrum of Consciousness
May Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment: I. Renunciation and Enlightenment
June Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment: II. The Message of Buddha
July Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment: III. The Dharma and the Sangha
August Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment: IV. The Dhammapada and the Udanavarga
September Identity and Interaction
October The Forward Impulse
November Degrees of Enlightenment
December The Seventh Principle
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11 Kalki Maitreya
January Noetic Self-Determination
February Shiva and Self-Regeneration
March The Philosophy of Perfection
April Elementals
May Samadhi Pada - Yoga Sutras Book I - Patanjali
June Kriya Yoga - Yoga Sutras Book II - Patanjali
July Vibhuti Pada - Yoga Sutras Book III - Patanjali
August Kaivalya Pada - Yoga Sutras Book IV - Patanjali
September The Sankhya Karika - Ishvarakrishna
October Dateless and Deathless
November Kalki Maitreya
December The Healing of Elementals
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January Gandhian Bridge Between Heaven and Earth
February The Gandhian Bridge Between Heaven and Earth
February Civilization, Politics and Religion
March Truth and Non-Violence
April Non-Violent Resistance And Social Transformation: I. Satyagraha
May Non-Violent Resistance And Social Transformation: II. Swaraj and Sarvodaya
June Yoga Sutras - I
July Yoga Sutras - II
August The Eternal Religion - rendered by Punarvasu
September Immortality and Self-Knowledge
October Silence and Brahmacharya
November The Sun of the Sun - from the Mahabharata
December Devotion to the Guru - Adi Shankaracharya
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January Yoga Sutras - III
February Yoga Sutras - IV
March Yoga Sutras - V
April Yoga Sutras - VI
May Yoga Sutras - VII
June Kalahansa and Kalachakra
July Eye of Self Existence
August Hymn to Dakshinamurti
September Deity in Action

Normal View

Aquarian Harmony

In the present Cycle, wherein the Avatar works mainly with magicians in different parts of the world, no quarter is given either to spiritual pretensions or to paranoid empiricism. The clutter and lumber of the past, whether pseudo-Theosophical, pseudo-religious, pseudo-scientific or pseudo-political, are being wiped out, so that human beings must endure severe testing before they can return to the timeless basics of living. They are being forced to ask themselves what it means to be a human being and how one uses sound and speech. Given the course of human evolution over the last five million years, a situation must be created in which the word "human" cannot any more be applied in the future tense to someone who misuses sound and speech. Nothing can be done about the right use of speech on the plane of appearances without getting to the root of the problem on the plane of thought. There must be a restoration of the Mysteries and an elimination of the worldly worship of secondary and tertiary emanations through religious systems and mindless rituals. New rules must be created for speech, and new criteria must be created for silence, so that meditation can become more widespread and constructive. It must be brought home that Dzyan means self-reform through meditation, and that maturity is nothing more than mastery over the power of speech.

Raghavan Iyer
HERMES, October 1983